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Double Sided Steel Needle Comb (Black & Red)

৳ 480
  • Comfortable to hold Pet grooming brush.
  • Suitable for all types of dogs & cats.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel, very durable.
  • Two Sided, one is finely serrated, one with normal density.
  • Keep your pet more healthy, and help to keep your room clean.
  • Often for grooming will make your pet more comfortable and beautiful frequent combing not only enhance you and pet's feelings, but also helping to detect symptoms of pet disease.

Hobby Cat Shampoo – Long Hair (500ml)

Original price was: ৳ 750.Current price is: ৳ 650.
Conditioning shampoo for Long hair Cat.

Hobby Cat Shampoo – Short Hair (500ml)

Original price was: ৳ 750.Current price is: ৳ 650.
Conditioning shampoo for short hair Cat.

Helminticide-L – Deworming Tablet for Pet (1 Tablet)

৳ 120

Please do not exceed recommended dose (See the dosages in the description).

Helminticide-L treatment for common worms in Dogs & Cats. Broad-spectrum dewormer used in dogs puppies and cat kittens to treat tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. – For oral administration only. – 1 Tablet for 10 kg. body weight. – The tablets can be given directly to the dogs and cats or disguised in food. No starvation is needed before or after treatment. – For rountine control dogs and cats should be treated every 3 months.

PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush for Cats & Dogs

৳ 750
1. One Touch Brush- Cleans itself 2. Attracts loose hair, dander and dirt 3. Adjustable bristle length for long or short coats 4. Perfect for Wet and Dry grooming